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All misfits come neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated, and ready to love!

The majority of the misfits are super dog friendly, and if they aren't, it'll be stated in their bios.

We don't cat test these dogs. They are hounds...they will hound.

For more photos (and videos) follow us on Instagram or visit our facebook page.


Interested in learning more about a specific Misfit Hound?

Email us at

Misfit Hounds is volunteer based, so please give us a few days to respond to your email.

Click here to download the Adoption Application

Complete and save the application with your name in the document title.

Email the completed application and photos of your fenced yard to

You’ll see a few hospice dogs below that aren’t available for adoption.

They’ll live out the rest of their lives in comfort at Casa de Perro.

Use the Donate button up top if you’d like to contribute to their care.

Current Misfits

M - 10+ - Lab/Hound Mix

Winston was found wandering around Greenville, TN and was exhausted when he came here. He was a little overwhelmed with all the other dogs, so we kept him separated so he could sleep and learn that he was finally safe, and that he didn’t have to keep running. In the last few days, Winston has become more active and has started playing with Holston, his new best friend. They’ve been playing well into the evenings, where they then snuggle together. He gets along well with other dogs, and even though he’s a senior he has that playful puppy in him.

M - 1ish - Beagle/Chihuahua probably

Beetle’s a young and silly dude who loves attention. He’s just small enough to pick up and slow dance with, but big enough to be a great walking companion or hound-about-town. He’d fit in great at the brewpub, could charm the nail techs at your weekly appointment, or, he’d love to ride shotgun on your grunt while you do farm chores. This guy is people oriented, cuddly, and gets along great with other dogs. If you’d prefer a smaller dog (25-ish lbs), Beetle's your guy.

M - 5ish - Beagle

He’s a 12inch Beagle with a 10 foot personality. Grab your fishing pole and get ready for a wild ride with O’Neal! O’Neal was found at lake O’Neal and he’s been keeping it REEL since 1969’. He thinks he’s a fish and not a dog. Retired from lake life, caught in a catch-22, he would make a great distraction for your wife so you can go fishing. He prefers to live life by his rules, but he’ll settle watching “Deadliest Catch” on the couch with you. That must be where he learned his survival skills! Don’t you want to expand your fishing skills from reality TV with a beagle buddy who has no idea how little he is?

M - 10ish - Majestic hound

Dudley, a.k.a. the Doode. He's as smooth as your Grampa after smoking Blacks and drinking High Lifes for the past 50 years. He trades his monthly scripts to the trap hoes for "favors," gives zero fuxks, and will make everyone super uncomfortable at your work x-mas party while handing out gift certificates from 7-11. They don't make 'em like Dudley anymore. 70+ YO, neutered, and UTD. Gets along well with others...especially females that give him long hugs.

F - 7ish  -  Bluetick

Sweets is an odd character. She reminds us of Velma from Scooby Doo. Kinda nerdy, kinda hot. We don't know what to think about her. She's playful with the other dogs and loves seeking attention. Just like Velma she will watch you from a corner and try to figure out the mystery of when is dinner time.

F - 3ish - Tri-Color American English

When Maribelle is not burning down the patriarchy, she’s busy writing viral affirmation memes. Maribelle is SO smart and intuitive – her focus is off the charts. She’s a rescue sent our way by Tia from Pit Bulls and Parolees who described her as “one of the most brilliant dogs I have ever encountered.” Unlike a lot of rescue hounds, she doesn’t need help in the confidence department – but she’ll help you with yours. “You did not wake up today to be average! You are amazing! Your  ass looks GOOD!” If you need your own personal life coach, adopt this rad bitch and conquer the world together.

M - 1ish - Beagle/Chihuahua probably

Skeeter’s kind of a jerk, so we’ve got a love-hate relationship going. He’s funny as hell and gets wild and playful, but then high tails it outta there when things get a little too hot. He’s  small (25-ish lbs) and outgoing. You remember that guy in highschool who was always talking trash but threw the best keggers? That’s Skeeter. His trash can punch brings all the gasser fans out. More of an F1 person? He can make it a little fancier for ya. If you love a lil’ troublemaker, adopt this guy.

F - 2ish - Redtick/American English

Olivia is so darn sweet, she’ll meet you once and be hopelessly devoted. She can be timid and demure, but get her going with a good wrestling session and she’s more fun than a slumber party full of teenage girls on a sugar high. Let’s get physical! This petite hound will scream with joy while she plays, but can simmer right down for snuggling when it’s time to watch Xanadu. So if you have to believe we are magic, Olivia is the one that you want...hoo, hoo, hooooo, honey.

F - 2ish -  Grand Blue Gascon

This hound is someone’s ride or die. She’s that girl who can’t remember why she’s mad, but she’ll still pretend she’s got her reasons. Wondering if your last date was a psycho? She’ll let you know. Tires a little low on air? She coulda told you that 4 miles ago. Someone lookin’ at you sideways while you’re in line for ice cream? MIND YA BUSINESS, CHUMP. Twilight is here to take care of her person. She’s a little needy in the big misfit pack, but only ‘cause she knows she shouldn’t have to compete for love. She’s waiting on the one who’ll know she’s kin. Is it you? P.S. She will eat a cat, so no cats, OK?

F - 7ish- Black & Tan Coonhound

Charlotte was used as a puppy factory before she was found wandering around Georgia. All her front teeth are ground down to the gums from likely chewing on a pen for years. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to deal with any kids anymore and she’s ready to enjoy an empty nest kind of life. Charlotte hasn’t had a lot of positive human contact, so she’s shy at first, but if you stop petting her, she’ll nudge you for more attention. She’s learning that humans can be nice. Nothing but good things from here on out Charlotte. Sidenote - her sniffer works fine, she steals food off the dinner plates lol.

F - 2ish - Small Foxhound 

You don’t have to go fast. You just have to keep going! Sweet little Maybelle was found in a parking lot in Florida dragging her back legs. She was brought to Tennessee just a few days later. While her road to recovery has been a bit bumpy, Maybelle is a fighter. And though she may be little, she is fierce. She's stronger than ever after her double amputation, will wrassle any dog in the place, is our resident champion of the bitey-face game, and she is ready to meet you!

M - 7ish -  Grand Blue Gascon

Holston is 100-ish pounds of pure love. He’s that big guy everyone wants to be friends with because he’s chill as hell, too handsome for his own good, and he’s always got something fun going on. Affectionate and independent, he’ll be happy whether he’s by your side, exploring your house, your yard, or your snack stash. But you best keep an eye on him – if he can make it over your fence, he’ll be over at the neighbors’ telling them you don’t feed him enough. He’ll need a daily roll around with a big fluffy blanket or a sleeping bag, so have a few on hand before you bring him home. Then just sit back and laugh while he lets his freak flag fly.

M - 11ish - Treeing Walker/Foxhound mix

Burt, a.k.a. Deerty Beert. Old biker dude. Has at least three "Ride to Live" tattoos. Refers to his "Ol' Lady" frequently. Swears he was at Altamont. Reminds everyone at the dispensary that he remembers when weed was illegal. Snatches kisses and vice versa. Consider giving this old uneasy rider a forever home. His rough past doesn't define him.

F - 5ish - Black & Tan Coonhound

Bonnie LOVES the attention of men – in dog form and human form. She loves her hound boyfriend Zed and follows him around everywhere. Sadly, Zed has to have little, blue pills to keep her satisfied. We assume she was chained her whole life before coming here, due to her neck scarring and being confiscated from her owner for cruelty. She’s just like the veteran Misfits - she loves food and barks at us to hurry up and feed her.

F - 5ish -  Black & Tan

Near, far, wherever you are…Kate’s heart does go on. While we usually only pull from shelters, this girl's story pulled at our heart strings. Her owner was terminally ill so the family signed her over to Misfit Hounds just hours before the coldest winter storm of the year. Kate spent most of her days chained up in the mud…but she'll be a priority instead of property for the rest of her life. She’s been with us a little while now, and her sweet and affectionate nature just shines. She loves, loves, LOVES dinnertime and breakfast and snack time. Adopt her and draw her like one of your French girls. She’s ready to drop this lifestyle like Rose let go of Jack!

F - 9ish - Bluetick

Daisy is everything you want in a hound - sassy, loyal, and a total cuddler. After she bit a kid in Reno (just to watch him cry) Daisy was sent to Misfit Hounds for parole. She takes heart meds for her middle-aged ticker, but can still keep up with the youngsters. If you’re having marital problems and want to seal the deal - Daisy can drive an actual wedge between you with her thick-ums body and "me before we" attitude.

Secret a.k.a. Cherry Poppins
F - 7ish - Redtick

Secret is the goofiest hound! Her family surrendered her to a shelter and her heart was broken...but she's been to ALL of her Misfit Hounds heartbreak therapy sessions, and she's fully recovered. She's very mellow, but has a mischievous side, and  lights up when she's being praised. She is very sweet and gets along great with other dogs. A simple gal who craves attention and good snacks. Who doesn't? Right? She has come so, SO FAR and is ready for your love.

M - 10ish - Bloodhound mix

Poor Cooter was left abandoned by his previous owners when they moved. Cooter has good house manners, gets along with other dogs and loves people. He can be food possessive so a home without kids would be best for Cooter. This big bloodhound is super wrinkly and perfect for cuddles. If you've got patience and the skills to work with a resource guarder, he'll reward you with all the love and woo-woos you could ever want. Also, he loves puppies. Like, really loves them.

M - 10ish - Treeing Walker

Tackleberry’s an older gentleman who’s done running with the trigger-happy crowd. Now, instead of barking orders or bringing a bazooka to a tickle fight, he’d rather just lounge in the sun all day waiting on you to call him in for dinner. Easy going, and a bit of a loner, this guy’s the perfect senior to bring around your friends and family. He’s got military manners, and civilian charm – with a little southern smooth thrown in. He’d love to hear all about your passion for scrapbooking, WW2 documentaries, or 70s punk bands – he’s just that well rounded. And if you want a couch buddy for a marathon movie night (Police Academy 1-7) Tackleberry’s your hound.

Doc a.k.a. Muff Diver
M - 6ish - Treeing Walker

Doc bit a lady in the coochie and was gonna be killed. So we rescued him and sent him to sex rehab. He hasn’t bit anyone since and prefers to stand on his legs and gives hugs now. He’s a gorgeous lean, mean playful machine. He loves playing with the younger hounds here that are his size. He’d love a home with another dog and a loving family. Just as long as he can attend his sex addicts anonymous meetings. 

M - 10ish - Bluetick

Want the perfect Bluetick? That's Smokey. This old hound just wants some human love, a bit of food, and a warm bed to snuggle on. Did we mention he's a handsome devil? He's the bad boy your momma always warned you about. He's handsome AF and will protect you during a bar fight, because he's the hot ass alpha dog. 

M - 7ish - Brindle/Plott mix

Cheez arrived in pretty rough shape early this year, and we've been working to get him healthy. He's slowly gaining weight and some of his hair is coming back, but his progress is slow. His behavior is typical of a hound, though he's very protective of his food. We're hoping his bark is worse than his bite, but will keep evaluating him as he settles in. Poor guy had been on his own a long time, so who knows what he's been through. But -- he loves the misfit humans and is always up for any affection he can get! Hopefully, he'll realize no one's going to take his food away anymore. If you'd like to donate to help get Cheez healthy again -- click the "Donate" button up top.

F - 9ish -  Treeing Walker/Foxhound mix

This sweet hound has had the lovesick blues since sowing a few too many wild oats with the Williams boys. She got caught gettin’ lovey dovey with the ghost of Hank Sr while listening to Hank III’s early punk stuff. Left some money on the dresser and split when she heard Hank IV had half a sandwich across town that needed finishing. Lost a toe sneaking off Hank Jr’s tour bus in ’78 but can still hotfoot her way into your heart. She woo-woos, she don’t crank, comes ready to snuggle you, your daddy, or your son, and will melt your cold, cold heart with her puppy dog eyes…just don’t bring up the Hanks…or her cheatin’ heart.

F - 11ish - Treeing Walker

Ever have a giant margarita fish bowl on spring break? Doozie is that type of buzz. Literally, her name is Doozie, ‘cause that resembles her personality. She’s a well-mannered and easy going senior, except when food is around… so if you’ve got older kids who get how to be cool around hounds, great. Young kids might lose a finger. Weighing in around 90 pounds, Doozie is a big-boned gal – so queue up the k.d. lang and sing her that song if you want to see her smile.

M - 2ish -  Hound/Dane mix

Man child alert! One of the largest but youngest bachelors in the misfit pack, he’s a gentle giant that feeds off the energy around him so he'd do well in either a low-key home or one where he’s exercised regularly. Unlike his name, Butler doesn't want to serve you or do chores. The only thing he likes to clean up is your crumbs. He prefers to spend his days splashing on a splash pad, chasing butterflies, and eating cereal right out of the box while watching his favorite cartoons. Are you looking for a manchild of your very own? His bags are packed and he’s move-in ready!

F - 186ish - Treeing Walker

Molly is about 10 years old but acts like she's from the 1800's. Molly is an old church lady that has a low grumble that complains about the youth of today constantly. She is old AF even though she doesn't look it. She'll tell the kids to get off your lawn and has no idea what bitcoin is. But just like your grandma, she's kind, lovable and gives you big wet smooches. 

M -  3ish -  Beagle/Jack Russell mix

Buddy, aka Bud, aka that sticky icky is our resident misfit stoner.  We smuggled him over state lines so that he's legal in Tennessee. He's a super easy going, mellow hound that loves to chill and debate if raccoons really work for the CIA or not. He's on the heavy side from eating too much when he gets the munchies. Bud will fit right in with your friends on the couch, if they're into the Grateful Dead or Phish.

M - 10ish - Foxhound

Admiral is the most loyal guy out there. Just like his name he is disciplined, bold, and the Commander at Casa de Perro. Really easygoing, affectionate, and basically the hound you’ve always wanted. He has some battle wounds that he’s proud of but he’s ready to retired from the military, and be the commander of your heart!

F - 9ish - Treeing Walker

Maggie can be a bit shy at first but is very eager to please. In her free time Maggie can smell a rabbit fart two counties over. Her senses are on point! Consider adopting an older Misfit like Maggie. She is super mellow but loves to talk. She's like your mother in law, except you WANT to spend time with her.

F - 3ish -  Bluetick

When it comes to the Blues, no one has them like we do. Luna was a young female Bluetick down on her luck. Now she's looking up and for her own family.  Spayed and fully vaccinated, Luna loves riding shotgun in the car. Luna is still working on her house manners but with patience, she'll give you a dog's life full of happiness.

F - 5ish - Foxhound mix

Ramona is on the smaller side, and also on the unusual side. She is basically a drunk toddler. So if you want to laugh and have debates over which hard seltzer is better, adopt Ramona. She's the type of girl you'll never understand, but you'll want to be around her constantly. Adopt Ramona, and then judge everyone at a dog bar with her. 

M - 10ish -  Bluetick

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, chill AF, good-natured guy who’ll say HELL YEA when you get a wild hair to make fried chicken and biscuits at 3am – have we got the hound for you. He’s a smaller guy with a taste for whatever you’re cookin’ and he’ll sing you his songs of love while you’re fixin’ his vittles. And if you wanna have a few friends over, he’ll be there to offer a heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality… hillbilly hellhound hospitality that is…set a spell, take your shoes off. He might be a toe licker, we don’t judge, but Jed’s got people skills and he’s ready to show ‘em off.

F - 7ish - Treeing Walker - HW+

Charm came to us extremely overbred. She's very sweet, and always looks like she thinks she doesn't deserve the affection she gets. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house and play with the other dogs. She is a complete charmer and as sweet as pie. BUT - she doesn't like sharing her dog bed with the others. After a life of abuse, who would?
Also - she snores like a truck driver - how cute.

M - 4ish  -  Hound mix

Hector was a Trojan prince and the greatest warrior for Troy in the Trojan War. Maybe that’s where his imagination was going the day he found himself in a local open intake shelter. Hector did not do good in the busy shelter but he began to drop his armour when he moved into the Misfit Pack. Have you ever wondered if you descended from royalty? Here’s your chance to be a part of the royal family! Adopt your very own Prince Hector!

F - 2ish - Foxhound

 To relieve stress you should try yoga! Just kidding! You should totally adopt a dog! Caitlyn doesn't judge if the only yoga you do is drink wine wearing your yoga pants. In her free time Caitlyn has been known to lead the local yoga class. She's a chill girl who’s into fitness. Fitness snackos in her mouth totally counts for her exercise routine!

F - 1ish -  Small Shepherd mix

Holly and her sister Kendra were hairless pups found abandoned in Houston at 3 months old. Holly once worked at hooters. She traded in her short shorts for rescue life and is now living in the mountains with her friend Brad. Holly thinks hooters should deliver worldwide and rename themselves to knockers.

Jugs Judy
F - 5ish - American Foxhound

Judy Judy Judy will forever have a puppy dog face. She is absolutely stunning. Her tinder profile gets more hits than yours. She loves other dogs but is very scared of new humans. But don’t worry - she makes up for it with her loud AF bark! Judy needs a patient loving home that has experience taking care of a timid dog. She’s worth it!!

F - 1ish -  Small Shepherd mix

Kendra and her sister Holly were hairless pups found abandoned in Houston at 3 months old. Kendra has changed dramatically since her days as a stray dog playmate. This bombshell has no regrets about leaving the past behind. Kendra thinks the fountain of youth is built on humans drinking lots of water and of course a puppy! Puppies keep everyone young and in motion! 

F - 1ish -  GSH Pointer mix- HW+

This big grrrl is looking for a partner in crime…if the crime is breaking into waterparks after midnight. She’d love a home with a Slip n’ Slide, a hose, some sprinklers, a pond, a pool, or a nearby swim spot. NUDE BEACH? HELL YEA. She’s nude all the time. This free spirit is great with other dogs, plays hard, and will crash for a deep snooze anywhere she can. She’d also like to crash into a bunch of kids who’ll walk off that water slide smash up like it’s the summer of 1982 and helicopter parents weren’t a thing. You like a giant goofball? This is your dog.

Zed (Hospice)
M - 13ish - American English/Cur mix

Cool as a cucumber, this ancient hound loves to chill solo but will go full Marlon Brando on another dog with some PTSD baying when startled. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!” Zed embodies the old Vietnam-vet-turned-hippie vibe. He can rally and show the younger dogs how it’s done, or he might just spend the afternoon relaxing in our bamboo grove, just sniffing the wind and remembering that time he licked Linda Ronstadt at a protest march in ‘71. He’s got advanced congestive heart failure, and is in the late stages of heartworm – so he’ll live out his days with us getting all the love he deserves.
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