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We look for adopters who'll treat our hounds like family -- NO HUNTING ALLOWED!


Our hounds have had rough lives. We're looking to place them in homes where they'll have tons of affection, are well fed, and get a chance to live life as a cherished pet instead of as a tool.


Before you apply, know that there are a few non-negotiables. They may seem tough, but we've put our heart and soul into rehabilitating these hounds -- and we have high standards for their placement. We'd like to avoid failed adoptions at all cost, so these non-negotiables help us set you and our hounds up for success as best we can. 

To adopt a misfit you must:

  • Own your own home. We don't place hounds with renters because the risk of displacement is high when the hound's presence is governed by a landlord.

  • Ensure that all adult residents of the home submit an application. 

  • Have a secure 6-foot fence, with gates that have hound-proof latches. For some of our dogs, we can be a bit flexible on your fence height. We'll also need to see pictures of your yard, fence, and gates.

  • Be willing to supervise your hound whenever it's out in the yard for the first year or so until your hound's behavior is established (no attempts to pop a gate latch, dig out, or climb out). After that, only allow your hound out in the yard when you are home and can keep an eye on it.

  • Provide occasional updates for the life of the hound. Just a couple times a year, or more regularly if you're looking for an online hound community -- whatever you like. We have a private facebook group you can post to that's made up of some rabid hound stalkers, and a few less rabid adopters who just check in occasionally. If you're not on facebook, you can text or email us.

If you're able to meet these requirements  -- please fill out the application below! 



Adoption Application
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Thank you! We'll review your application and get back to you in a week or so.

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