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Misfit Hounds is a rescue and sanctuary that runs solely on the generous donations from our supporters.
While monetary donations are the best way to help the hounds, below are some other options and ways to give.

Donating Monthly Helps Seniors, Hospice, and Sanctuary Hounds 


On average, half the rescues in our care are seniors, hospice, or sanctuary hounds.

And most of them will likely spend the rest of their lives as beloved members of our pack.


Hounds in these categories cost more to care for. 

Monthly care for a senior or a special needs hound runs between $75- $100 for just food and prescriptions. 

On top of that, these hounds usually need extra vetting help ensure their quality of life. 

Plus, we could always use a little extra to stash away for emergency care.


Monthly donations can be set up with PayPal using the “Donate” button up top.

You’ll find other payment options down below.


We currently don't have the administrative support to split or assign donations on a hound-by-hound basis – but if you’d like to get occasional updates about these special hounds, please sign up for our newsletter.


We hope to have a bit more administrative help in the coming year – and aim to expand the donation options available.


Thank you so much for your support!!!

We couldn't do this without you.



Venmo: @misfithounds138

Donate via check: Payable to Misfit Hounds and mail to:

Misfit Hounds

PO Box 798

Hampton, TN 37658

Food Drives: We post monthly food drives on facebook.

Sponsor a Misfit! Email us about becoming a Misfit Sponsor Family!

View our Amazon Wishlist here

Our needs change week to week, so if you have any questions about the types of donations we could use most, email us at



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