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The Misfit Hound House and Rehabilitation building is called Casa De Perro.

It's a giant building filled with kennels, queen size dog beds, astroturf and their very own fire hydrant to pee on. Not to mention the insane amount of bones laying around for an easy chew.

All Misfit Hounds come here to be fostered and rehabilitated before being adopted into a forever home. The hounds get to free roam all day long and enjoy their new pack.

In true Misfit fashion, the rockabilly themed building is filled with guitars, skateboards and rock music memorabilia on the walls.  The hounds listen to the best rock music to develop their true Misfit personalities. 

And hey! We get a lot of requests from folks wanting to come visit the hounds. We don't allow this. Here's why. We've usually got a pack of at least 40 here, and keeping them safe is our number 1 priority. The excitement of visitors changes the pack dynamic, and we've got a fair number of abuse cases and personality types that are VERY sensitive to changes in energy, and their daily routines. If you're a local and you'd like to join in on one of our scheduled work days -- just email

A sanctuary and rehab house for 40+ hounds goes through a lot of dog food, beds, and toys.

If you'd like to help out the hounds, view our amazon wishlist here. The hounds appreciate it!

Want to volunteer? Email

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