Below are the Misfit Hounds that would "howl" in excitement to go to a loving home.

All dogs come neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated and ready to love!

Majority of the misfits are super dog friendly, if they are not, it will be stated in their bios.

Please note, we do not cat test these dogs. They are hounds... More photos available on our facebook page.


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Current Misfits


M - 6/7ish - Foxhound

Admiral is the most loyal guy out there. Just like his name he is disciplined, bold, and the Commander at Casa de Perro. Really easygoing, affectionate, and basically the hound you’ve always wanted. He has some battle wounds that he’s proud of but he’s ready to retired from the military, and be the commander of your heart!

Anna Banana

F - 7ish - Tree Walker Coonhound

Anna Banana is that lady that likes to put on her church clothes, go to Golden Corral and judge you from afar. Anna was likely a former hunter and breeder dog. She was never shown love so she takes a little bit to open up and be affectionate. She doesn’t really care about the other dogs but tolerates them. Her internal clock is spot on and lets me know when it’s time for dinner. Anna needs that one on one time to let her know she matters. She will blossom in a home of her own. This old gal deserves it, or else she’ll haunt you when she dies. 

Betty Spaghetti

F - 7ish - Coonhound Mix

This big ole’ bitch is the talk of the town. She was a curvy centerfold in the 80’s and is the biggest blue tick you’ve ever seen. Probably mixed with a Swiss Mountain Dog. Betty is the biggest chunk o’ LOVE around. She is such a gentle giant that just wants cuddles all the time. She’s the perfect couch dog and will keep you warm at night with that bodacious body.


M - 6ish - TWC/Foxhound Mix

Still transitioning from hunter to family pet, but he is enjoying being inside in the warm! Burt is a total goofball and will keep you laughing at his antics. He has a cute little muscular body and prances around. He’s an ex bear dog that had a tough life so he can be a bit reactive to the other dogs. He’s a good boy that is super sensitive. He’d do great in a home with one other dog. He thrives on routine. 


F - 1ish - Cur/Feist mix

Brandy, is a fine girl. What a good (dog) wife she would be! Brandy is new to the gang but is warming up to the other dogs. She is very sweet and playful and comes up to you for cuddles. She absolutely LOVES her boyfriend Gabe and we offer a two for one special. Adopt Brandy, and get Gabe for free! No really, like two hounds are better than one.

Doc aka Muff Diver

M - 2ish - Tree Walker Coonhound

Doc bit a lady in the coochie and was gonna be killed. So we rescued him and sent him to sex rehab. He hasn’t bit anyone since and prefers to stand on his legs and gives hugs now. He’s a gorgeous lean, mean playful machine. He loves playing with the younger hounds here that are his size. He’d love a home with another dog and a loving family. Just as long as he can attend his sex addicts anonymous meetings. 


F - 5ish years old -  Bluetick HW+

Sweets is an odd character. She reminds us of Velma from Scooby Doo. Kinda nerdy, kinda hot. We don't know what to think about her. She's playful with the other dogs and loves seeking attention. Just like Velma she will watch you from a corner and try to figure out the mystery of when is dinner time.


F - 7ish - Bluetick

Crazy Daisy is a total Misfit to the bone. She is everything you want in a hound - sassy, loyal, and a total cuddler. With her Diva and loving attitude, she will keep you smiling and loving her more n more everyday. Convicted of biting a kid in Reno, Daisy scored us as her Parole. She’s a chunky girl that thinks her human is her personal slave. If you’re having marital problems and want to seal the deal - Daisy can help because she won’t let anything get between her and her person.


F - 9ish - Bluetick/Catahoula Mix - HW+

Hailey survived a god damn hurricane, and got the F*** outta Florida. Hailey is absolutely gorgeous with her super unique fur coat. She is SUPER sweet and a very mellow dog. She just wants love and attention. She had suffered from years of chronic eye infections, and because of this, just needs eye drops twice a day. But her sad little eyes will put a spell on you as soon as you see this beautiful girl. Was definitely a momma at some point.


F - 7ish - Foxhound Mix

Jezebel is our stereotypical redneck hound. She loves Nascar, Marlboro reds, and wearing socks with flip flops. Jezebel had a really rough past and came to us with a lot of skin problems and she must have produced a lot of litters. Jezebel loves her new life being an inside dog and receiving affection. Give her some love and some junk food and she’ll love you forever!

Jugs Judy

F - 2ish - American Foxhound

Judy Judy Judy will forever have a puppy dog face. She is absolutely stunning. Her tinder profile gets more hits than yours. She loves other dogs but is very scared of new humans. But don’t worry - she makes up for it with her loud AF bark! Judy needs a patient loving home that has experience taking care of a timid dog. She’s worth it!!

Secret aka Cherry Poppins

F - 5ish - Redtick Coonhound

Secret is the newest Misfit and she is the sweetest lil' thang! Her owner surrendered her to a shelter and her heart is still broken. She lived with a family so she'd be great with kids. She is very mellow and she lights up when she's being praised. She is so sweet and gets along with other dogs. She is a simple gal and only craves attention and love!


F - 6ish - Tree Walker Coonhound - Tripod

Lady spent over 3/4 of her life dragging a useless leg around. Now free of the dead weight and pain, this ex hunter now prefers having her ears rubbed and eating treats. If you fail in giving her her daily quota of either, don’t worry - she’ll remind you. Loves sleeping in the sunshine and looking for squirrels. She loves running on those three legs and will make you smile. 

Laverne & Shirley

Bonded Female Beagles - 8 years old

These bonded girls are the easiest beagles you'll ever meet! They are great with other dogs, each other, and likely cats! They love to cuddle on a bed together and share food with one another. They are super easy going and  two peas in a pod. Must be adopted together, as they are bonded and completely love each other. They have a tendency to try to door dash and dig. So a good fenced home would be ideal. 

Missy Misdemeanor

F - 8ish - Grizzly Bear

Missy really looks like a giant ass bear as she’s a little over 120lbs and has that grizzly bear face to prove it. She thinks exercise is for losers and just wants a couch to spend her days on. She’s super easy going and literally only wants food, love, and a couch. Want an easy mellow dog - adopt Missy Misdemeanor. She also won’t take shit from other dogs if food is involved. She’s the matriarch of Misfit Hounds keeping everyone in line.


F - 9ish - TWC - One Eye - HW+

Maeve is new to the pack as well. She is being fostered and is enjoying sleeping in the big bed! She is dog friendly and loves attention from her human. She is super sweet and very affectionate. She's had a rough life and is extremely underweight. But she is being loved and fed in her foster home while she learns that she is now loved!


M - 5ish - Redtick

Gabe was brought to us extremely emaciated and neglected. He gained weight steadily and his personality is coming out more and more. He loves to howl and be around the other dogs. He had to survive on his own so cats, or small children as he is extremely food motivated. He is a big boy that LOVES attention and the ladies! He loves his new girlfriend Brandy.


F - 3ish - Hound Mix

Scarletts former owners are hopefully dead, as this girl seems to have been severely abused. She has been incredibly timid and fearful but is really starting to blossom. She absolutely LOVES other dogs and is super playful with them. Her smile when she’s playing with them makes it all worth it. She just started opening up a bit more to strangers and will come in for some good sniffs before she allows you to pet her. But, what’s super cute is, you’ll find her snuggling with you randomly at night. This sweet girl needs that extra TLC, but she’s worth it.


M - 2 years old - Bluetick

Luther is one of the most gorgeous Bluetick hounds we've ever seen. He has light colored eyes that look straight into your soul. He has a loud bark but is a total softie. He think he's hardcore, but he'll be the first to run off when spooked. He's a big ole' baby that loves to snuggle and will find his way up to your pillow.


M - 10 years old - Bluetick

Want the perfect Bluetick? That's Smokey. This old hound just wants some human love, a bit of food, and a warm bed to snuggle on. Did we mention he's a handsome devil?


F - 5 years old - Red Heeler Mix

Annie is that chubby redhead that plays hard to get. She's sassy until you give her some food. Then she'll be your stage five clinger. If you miss that chick from spring break of 97', don't miss out again on Annie. This voluptuous redhead is ready for a good time!


M - 6 months old - Great Dane Hound Mix

Butler is a giant puppy. We think he is a Dane/Hound mix, because he has the giant paws to prove it. He is a puppy through and through. Tons of energy and will whine for your attention. He is super snuggly and HAS to be on you at bedtime. He's a giant baby that loves playing rough with the other dogs. He's a big puppy, but a total sweetheart.


M - 8 years old - Bloodhound

Poor Cooter was left abandoned by his previous owners when they moved. Cooter is our newest Misfit and has good house manners, gets along with other dogs and loves people. He can be food possessive so a home without small kids would be best for Cooter. This big bloodhound is super wrinkly and perfect for cuddles.


F - 9 years old - Redbone Hound

Princess fits her name to a T. She is a spoiled redbone that won't let you forget that she used to have tea with the queen. She demands clothes with flowers on them and will follow you around until she gets the attention she deserves.


M - 9ish years old -  Small Black Lab Mix

Get these mother f***in hounds out of my mother f***in house! Jules reminds us all of Samuel L Jackson. Mainly because he's an older guy that won't stop droppin' the F bomb. He loves Vincent, and they hang out together all day. Jules sleeps on your shoulders at nighttime and even under the covers. Jules is a sweet old man, but he won't take shit from no one.


M - 4 years old - Small Black Lab Mix

Vincent is best friends with Jules. These two old men can be found bossing around the hounds all day long or they can be found cuddling in a crate together. They are both so sweet. They even eat their food together and share.


M - 5ish years old -  Tree Walker Hound - HW+

Dolly & Porter

Female and Male Bonded Beagles

around 8 years old

Chance is the definition of a throwaway hound. Someone was so cruel and abusive to this poor guy. He came to us extremely emaciated and is putting on weight. He's friendly with the other dogs but is so curious about the world. He's a total love and would enjoy a family of his own. He is heart worm positive and going through slow kill treatment.
Dolly (tricolor) and Porter are a pair of bonded beagles that MUST stay together. They are good with other dogs and we call them Misfit Bed Bugs because they love snuggling under the blankets. Dolly will trash talk your neighbors while Porter is more mellow. They argue like an old married couple, but come bedtime, they are never apart. They absolutely LOVE eachother and love spending their time together so they must be adopted together. 


M - 4 years old - HW+

Henry is Misfit sanctuary dog. We believe he may have been the second dog onboard Noahs' Arc. That's how old and blind he is. Henry is still the snuggliest boy and has no problem finding the food bowl. Henry will continue to live with his foster family until he leaves us for a better place.


M - 12ish years old -  Redbone Hound

Houndsworth is a sanctuary dog and will live the rest of his life out with Misfit Hounds. Houndsworth looks like a Disney Character. He's an old man with a goofy looking muscular body to intimidate the younger hounds. He runs the place and keeps the younger dogs in check. 


M - 4ish years old -  Bluetick/German

Shorthair Pointer Mix

We've had some insanely gorgeous dogs come through the doors of Casa de Perro and Frank is no different. He is one of the most beautiful dogs we've ever seen. This young boy has a horrific past and prefers to hang outside during the day. But at night time he loves snuggling with one of his lady friends. Frank is still very fearful so he needs a patient home.


M - 4 months old - Bluetick Mix

Kord, aka Power Cord is the cutest bluetick puppy you've ever seen. He is such an incredible puppy. Growing up in a house of hounds, he has developed a perfect temperament. He can play rough with the big dogs or soft with his elders. He entertains himself then will cozy up in a bed when he's tired. He's incredibly independent and overall the perfect puppy.


F - 7ish years old - Tree Walker Hound - HW+

Charm came to us extremely overbred. She's very sweet, and always looks like she thinks she doesn't deserve the affection she gets. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house and play with the other dogs. She is a complete charmer and as sweet as pie. BUT - she doesn't like sharing her dog bed with the others. After a life of abuse, who would?
Also - she snores like a truck driver - how cute.
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