Misfit Hounds.

A rescue and sanctuary for throwaway hounds with a rebel spirit and an appetite for destruction. 


Misfit Hounds does not take owner surrenders or strays – we only pull dogs at risk of euthanasia from kill shelters.

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All our Misfits come:

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Misfit Hounds is a nonprofit hound rescue and sanctuary located in East Tennessee.  Misfit Hounds is dedicated to providing a safe haven for "throwaway hounds" while they are rehabilitated before adoption. We specialize in senior, special needs and the temperamental misfits. 

Misfit Hounds celebrates the true hound spirit of rebelliousness and an appetite for destruction while showcasing how loving the breed truly is.



Current Misfits

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She's that needy ex girlfriend that is filled with bad decisions, but is always a good time.

She's looking for her soulmate.

Adopt Twilight
She's the midnight rider.
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AKA Glowworm! She doesn't have her back legs anymore, but she has MORE happiness that most dogs.

She's a survivor with spunk!

Adopt Maybelle
Lieutenant Dan is jealous.
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Lucas used to work in Nascar and gets very excited over cars. He's super mellow and a very easy dog. 

Just don't bring up
the Busch brothers. 

Adopt Lucas
Shake and Bake Baby.

CASA de Perro

Casa de Perro is the insane punk rock home and rehabilitation center for the Misfit Hounds. All Misfits are fostered and rehabilitated here before adoption. This allows us to see their true personality, get them the vet care they need, as well as finally having a safe space to recover from any trauma or abuse they endured. 

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