Misfit Hounds.

A Rescue and Sanctuary for throwaway hounds with rebel spirit and an appetite for destruction.

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Misfit Hounds is a 501c3 non-profit hound rescue and sanctuary located in East Tennessee.  Misfit Hounds is dedicated to providing a safe haven for "throwaway hounds" while they are rehabilitated before adoption. We specialize in senior, special needs and the temperamental misfits. 

Misfit Hounds celebrates the true hound spirit of rebelliousness and an appetite for destruction while showcasing how loving the breed truly is.


Current Misfits

Betty Spaghetti

Weighing in at 125lbs, Betty Spaghetti is the biggest chunk of love around! 
She is a gentle giant that wants to nap and eat, oh and cuddle. She loves cuddling.
Adopt Betty
She'll keep ya warm at night!

Doc, aka Muff Diver

Doc bit a lady in the crotch and was going to be killed, so we rescued him. 
He is a young TWC that loves to play and uses his mouth to show affection.
Adopt Muff Diver
Jokes aside, he's a lover.


We found Jezebel living outside an adult xxx shop,
so her name suits her. 
She is the definition of a white trash hound that loves Nascar and Trailer Parks.
Adopt Jezebel
All Sass, and no class.

CASA de Perro

Casa de Perro is the insane punk rock home and rehabilitation center for the Misfit Hounds. All Misfits are fostered and rehabilitated here before adoption. This allows us to see their true personality, get them the vet care they need, as well as finally having a safe space to recover from any trauma or abuse they endured. 

Learn More about Casa de Perro

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Misfit Hounds is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Federal tax identification number: 83-1446233


914 Dejarnette St. Elizabethton, TN 37643